Remcor Technology offers a range of sheet metal coil line machine solutions for coil sheet processing. Including the coil feeding system, levelling system, pressing or bending system, punching or slitting system, shearing system, laser cutting system. We are the first laser machine manufacturer in the field of entire sheet metal coil line handling solutions.

How Does Remcor Sheet Metal Production System Processing

How Does Remcor Sheet Metal Production System Processing
  • Coil Loading Trolley

    Max loading capacity: 9 tons. This sheet metal coil line machine can be tailored to loaded 1 coil and 1 coil in storage system next to it.

  • Decoller

    Hydraulic to support the unwound coil sheet. Our Standard line can support the Max loading capacity with 9 tons, and the decoil device can also be customerized according to your drawings and demands.

  • Levelling Device

    The coil sheet can be straightened and remove the tensions with the leveling system. The straightening rolls were driven by motors which will be designed according to the material type and thickness range. The roll feeder is for thin (0.5-15mm) and narrow (1250mm) coil materials, and it is mounted on a solid steel frame. Both upper and lower feeding rolls are driven by an AC servomotor with a precision gearbox and timing belt transmission.

  • Punching Unit

    The Punching is done by tools set in two traversing tool cassettes, with the punching stroke done by a single ram plate. Punching, and piercing are standard features. The same principle as Pivatic.

  • Pressing Or Bending

    Bending system can be applied after shearing. Together with the Robert which can realize unman loading and unloading.

  • Optional Device

    The auto sheet metal coil cutting machine can also be applied after the leveling device which can make the system with more flexibility. And also, the Soldering machine can be connected with the cnc panel bender.

Application of Sheet Metal Coil Line

application of coil sheet production line
sheet metal coil line
panel bending machine
sheet metal coil line machine

The application of CNC laser cutting machine includes: