Remcor fiber laser cutting machine can help to cut intricate shapes, designs, and small holes for the high quality and accuracy of cuts in a fast way. The laser beam is focused with the help of a special lens in the laser cutting head. The heat generated from focusing the laser beam on a spot is so intense that it can be used for cutting sheet metal.

Advantage of REMCOR Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Advantage of REMCOR Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
  • Stability

    Best quality make sure the stability. All the main parts were from the top brands and we produce the bed by our own laser machine factory. The installation and debugged were served by our own engineering team. we control the whole quality by ourselves.

  • Sourcing Factory

    Sourcing factory, we are one of the leading CNC laser cutting machine suppliers in China and have been focused on laser machine manufacturing for 18 years. Actually, currently we do the OEM for the top brands in China, and also have developed many overseas partner.

  • Customization

    We can also do the customization by your request, can design the machine shape and your logo and also the details with your request.

What Materials Can be Cut with Laser Cutting Machine

What Materials Can be Cut with Laser Cutting Machine

The laser cutting machine can be used for a lot of metal materials cutting. In the global market, we have aluminum sheet cutting machine, laser cutting machine for brass sheet, laser cutting machine for copper and ms sheet laser cutting machine. Which are available for the high-reflective materials.

And also we have iron cutting laser machine, stainless steel sheet cutting machine for cutting the traditional steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

Application of Sheet Metal Cutting Machine


The sheet metal cutting machine and metal pipe cutting laser machine are widely applied in many industries, well known as the fastest and the most precision metal cutter. The automatic fiber laser cutting process will complete all the traditional sawing, turning, punching, drilling and other processes in a centralized manner. The centralized completion of the process brings controllability and guarantee of machining accuracy, as well as high efficiency and low cost.

1. Agriculture

2. Automative

3. Construction

4. Electrical appliances

5. Equipment manufacturing

6. Furniture

7. Medical instrument

8. Shipbuilding

9. Sports & fitness

10. Structural steel