Remcor fiber rust cleaning laser for sale is portable, powerful, and mild size. Apply with the newest CW or pulse laser technology to remove the rust, dust, oil, paint, etc. in the object surface. Remcor laser cleaning machine for wood has no damage to the material surface and it's also clean to the environment. With a user-friendly interface and easy setup, this laser cleaning machine for sale can be utilized for various applications in multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and manufacturing. For more wholesale laser cleaning machine information, contact our laser cutter factory now!

What Can A Laser Cleaner Clean?

What Can A Laser Cleaner Clean?

The laser cleaner applies the laser technology to break down the rust paint etc. layers on the surface of metals, rubber, plastic, glass, oils, wood, etc. When the laser beam hits the surface, the layer to be removed is simply vaporized by the laser beam. None harmful to the base material. Absolutely, it's more efficient, safer and cost saving way compared with traditional cleaning method.

The cnc laser equipment cleaner has been applied to clean the rust, paints, oil, dust or some other dirty parts, and also can be cleaned the precise parts in automotive industry.

Laser Cleaning Machine Application

  • Industrial Rust Removal

The main application for handheld laser cleaner is rust removing. Rust removing for metal parts or equipments. The laser cleaning machine can safely and quickly remove the rust layer on some metal tools or parts. Leaving the surface as bright as new without damage the base material.

  • Pretreatment Before Welding

The laser cleaning machine is able to remove some burrs on the surface of some precise parts and also it's okay for removing the lubricant. Which can improve the welding performance.

  • Building Or Transportation Industry

The laser cleaning machine can also clean the wall without changing the color or design of the base. Take example, it's suitable for old wall renovation.

  • Other Industrial Coating, Oxides, Various Residues Remover

The laser cleaner works well on all kinds of residues, oxides, coatings, etc. removing. Not generate secondary pollution, and it's safer method for cleaning process compared with traditional cleaning.