With 18 years' experience, Remcor CNC laser cutter factory provides Europe standard quality CNC laser cutting machines with local service. Power range 1kw-20kw can cut 10-100mm thick steel sheet.

REMCOR Laser Cutting Machine System

REMCOR has a laser machine factory with18 years, 5000 sets of machine tool manufacturing experience, the overall use of heavy machine tool weldingstructure to stress after annealing rough finishing, secondary aging treatment to eliminate stress, anti-deformation, moredurable, after high temperature anealing and natural aging to eliminate welding stress, to ensure long-term use stability andno deformation, the metal pipe cutting laser machine tool has excellent shock resistance, ligh rigidity and stability, effectively ensuringthe high speed of high-speed cutting, high precision and high stability of the whole machine operation.

REMCOR Laser Cutting Machine System
  • Gantry

    The beam body adopts the overall aluminum alloy casting method, annealing eliminates internal stress andprocesses, The process is casting→annealing stress → rough machining → vibration aging → semifinishing → vibrationaging →finish machining, the CNC laser cutter is machined after tempering, the strength, rigidity and stability of the beam areguaranteed, the precision of the beam can be maintained for a long time. Mainly for the high speed cutting or high powerlaser cutting machine provides an effective guarantee.

  • Servo motor

    Adopt gantry imported brand dual servo motor drive system, synchronous dual drive, effectively ensurethe high speed, high precision and high stability of the whole laser cutting system operation.

  • Laser cutting head

    Using automatic focusing cutting head, high stability, good cutting quality, fast perforation andcutting. Automatic tracking can automatically and accurately adjust the foeus according to the material thickness to ensurethe best cutting effect of the whole board; short perforation time, good perforation quality, high-speed cutting, saving time.

  • Transmission components

    The core transmission components of the machine tool reducer, gear and rack set areimported brands, and the core components are selected from well-known brands to ensure that the long-term high-speedcutting accuracy of the laser cutting equipment remains unchanged and durable.

  • Controlling laser cutting system

    Simple visual controlling system, intuitive adjustment of laser power, gas type and pressure; intelligent edge seareh, automatic positioning: Multi-type file import support, automatic generation. intelligent typesetting.flexible process, image display, simple operation. Laser cutting sheet machine processing special processing system, easy to install, simple operation, Excellent performance, process solution complete plan, achieve stable and high-precision cutting, set apowerful data process Library, and bring users a simple, convenient and efficient intelligent experience.

  • Remote control

    The button setting of the laser cutting device is simple and clear, one-key wireless control: calibration, blowing, simulation,cutting, pause and other functions can be realized; magnetic design, as you put it, easy to work.

  • Anti-Collision

    Automatic anti-collision function, the cutting head and the board surface keep a safe distance at anytime, anti-collision stop function, protect the cutting head safety and worry-free.

How Does CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Sale Work

How Does CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Sale Work

Basic Principle of CNC Laser Cutting Machine

The laser generator releases a super-intensive laser beam, irradiates the metal plate through the spot, melts or vaporizes the cutting material instantly at high temperature, and then uses high-pressure gas to blow off the melted melt and residue to achieve cutting. Seam, and then through X, Y, Z three-axis linkage, so as to achieve cutting.

Laser Generation of CNC custom laser cutter

Laser is converted from electrical energy to light energy, because the conversion between energy and energy cannot be 100%, so when a part of electrical energy is converted into light energy, the other part becomes heat energy. At present, the electro-optical conversion rate of fiber laser is 25%-35%. The better the performance of the laser, the higher the ratio of electro-optical conversion rate.

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

Suitable for many type of materials

No other technology can cut so many different types of metal and none-metal materials.

No post processing is necessary

Laser is a separation process in which no post processing is necessary in many cases. Saves post-processing procedures

High accuracy

The resulting kerf is barely larger than the laser beam itself. Makes it possible to cut very fine geometries of any shape.

No tool wear

CNC Laser cutting machines are not subject to wear, Saves costs in ongoing operation.

What Are CNC Custom Laser Cutters Used For?

More than 100 times faster cutting speed than wire cutting. More Smooth and beautiful cutting seam on metal and none-metal cutting. 

Extremely cost-effective: the price of fiber CNC laser cutter including sheet and tube laser cutting machine is only 1/3 of the CO2 laser cutting machine with similar performance, and 2/5 of the CNC coil fed punching machines with the same efficiency. Using cost is only 1/8-1/10 of similar CO2 laser cutters. And follow-up maintenance cost is only 1/10~1/15 of similar CO2 laser cutters or 1/3~1/4 of CNC punching machines with the same effect.

REMCOR CNC Laser Cutting Machine Video

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of REMCOR Technology's 12kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine showcase. Witness the precision and power as we demonstrate the CNC laser cutter's ability to effortlessly cut 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm thick carbon steel with clean, smooth edges. Our high-power 12kW CNC laser cutting machine ensures exceptional performance, delivering precise cuts up to 12mm thickness in carbon steel with excellent edge quality, achieved through air cutting. Join us to explore how REMCOR's advanced fiber laser technology revolutionizes metal fabrication, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality for a wide range of industrial applications. Unlock the potential of high-power laser cutting with REMCOR Technology.

Remcor Technology 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Show
Remcor Technology 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Show
6000W to cut 25mm, 30mm, 35mm carbon steel with clean edge from Remcor Technology
6000W to cut 25mm, 30mm, 35mm carbon steel with clean edge from Remcor Technology
12mm Carbon Steel by 12000W high power laser cutting machine with good edge by air cutting
12mm Carbon Steel by 12000W high power laser cutting machine with good edge by air cutting