Aluminum Laser Cutter

Laser cutting nonferrous material has a history of meeting and overcoming obstacles when cutting reflective material. Remcor fiber laser systems were a highly efficient solution for both sheet plates and tubes. It a great choice for those looking for a reliable and high cost-effective aluminum cutting laser machine.

Why Choose REMCOR Aluminium Laser Cutting Machine

  1. The higher standard of configurations make it possible for higher cutting effects. Our 3000W power cutter can cut 8 mm of aluminum material, and 6000w laser power cutter can cut 16 mm of aluminum material with clean edges.

  2. Precise cutting for both sheet plates and tubes. We, the professional laser machine distributor, have a wide range of cutters suitable for both aluminum plates and tubes cutting

  3. High productivity, the efficiency is a few or ten times faster than the traditional processings.

The Benefits of Aluminum Laser Cutter


1.The laser cutter for aluminium sheet delivers exceptional accuracy and precision. 

2. Fast and cost-effective, the aluminum laser cutter enables high-speed cutting with minimal setup time and material waste. Laser equipment can trim aluminum plate processing parts of different shapes, improve the material utilization rate of aluminum plates, and save a lot of material costs.

3. The aluminum cutting laser machine is highly amenable to being integrated into automated production lines, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.

4. Low maintenance costs. The several engineering improvement for laser industry, which ensures the lower and lower maintenance cost for aluminum laser cutting machine.

How To Cut CNC Laser Aluminum Sheet 

As we all known it's not easy to cut the aluminium with aluminum laser cutter because of highly reflective material properties. So can fiber laser cutting machine been used in aluminum cutting? 


The answer is yes. Aluminum can be effectively cut by several types of devices, the most commonly used for aluminum cutting are fiber and CO2 lasers. Both of these types offer specific advantages and are suitable for different applications and thickness ranges. Fiber lasers use optical fibers to both stimulate and deliver the laser beam to the cutting head. They are known for their high power density, excellent beam quality, and elevated energy efficiency. As such, fiber lasers represent key equipment in the precise and fast cutting of aluminum among others.

So here we list some useful tips for aluminum laser cutter. Let's welcome to visit us and discuss more for these 

How to choose the proper laser source. First of all ,we must get to know of our demands. So what's the material range we need to apply the laser cutter for aluminium sheet? This question is vital ,because as we all known ,we can not expect one machine to cover all of our cutting demands. Which means How often is your workshop to cut the high reflective materials such as aluminum, brass, silver etc. And what’s the expectation for the machine. Take example, the 6KW Remcor laser cutter, model Spark 3015, can cut 25-30mm carbon steel with clean and good edges and can cut the thickness of 15-18mm for aluminum. So which means normally we will choose the source with higher power for aluminum cutting. This is the common sense. 

About the selection of auxiliary gas, N2 is recommended. 

Some experienced engineers will design the Anti-high-reflection device. With more and more practice on parameters, we will get the better cutting finish.That’s for sure.

Is CNC Laser Aluminumm Cutting Safe?

To answer this question, firstly let's get to know what's aluminum laser cutter. The high-powered laser beam melt and vaporize the material, creating a precise and clean cut, this process is exactly the process for laser cutter. As we all known laser causes certain harm to the human body. As long as we take the appropriate protective measures. The aluminum cutting laser machine is safe.


Here we would list some suggestions for protective meassures 

1. The aluminum cutting laser machine should wear the protective glasses and radiation protection clothing . Because the laser beams can cause damage to human eyes, and long-term exposure may also cause other adverse reactions to the human body.

2. The aluminum laser cutting machine should wear the proof mask. Harmful gases are easily produced during laser cutting. Aluminum plates will produce gases under the action of laser beams. These gases are generally harmful to a certain extent, and direct inhalation will have an impact on the human body.

3. Strictly follow the operating instructions. The operator may be injured by mechanical cutting. Since laser cutting is achieved by cutting the surface material of the aluminum plate, if the operator does not properly separate himself from the cutting area, or his hand enters the cutting area by mistake, unfortunate accidents such as cut, burn or amputation of the hand may occur. 

Applications of Aluminum Cutting Laser Machine in Different industries

Aluminum laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries. In the aerospace industry, the aluminum laser cutter is used to manufacture components for aircraft and spacecraft, as CNC laser aluminum's light weight and high strength meet the needs of air and space applications. In the field of automobile manufacturing, aluminum coil fed punching machines are used to produce automobile bodies, parts and components, improving the fuel efficiency and safety of automobiles. In addition, aluminum cutting laser machines also play an important role in fields such as construction, electronics, electricity, and medical equipment.