Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Manufacturing Process

Decoiler,hydraulic lifting, all servo support, and remote control.

Levelling, which is to straighten from coil sheet.

Manufacturing steps: Fiber Laser cutting by fiber laser cutting pipe machine or Punching by coil fed punching machines Or shearing or folding.

Post-processing, such as robot handling to stack automatically or welding by handheld laser welder for sale etc.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine Features

Fully-automation can realize to process from the raw metal coils to the final profiles, no need a numeral labors to handle different devices and a few cycles of loading and unloading, There is no need to change the dies, and no waste of time or labors, can realize the higher flexibility manufacturing faster react to the customer's needs and rapid react to the market changes.

Higher productivity, there is no waste of labor landing and blanking compared with traditional line. Only one worker can handle the whole sheet metal coil line. It is stable operation, no need to change the dies, less operation.

High precision and accuracy, the system apply with the servo feeding system and solid fiber laser technology, which make sure the precision.

Coil Laser Cutting Machine Parameter Details

Laser cutting station
1Laser source power1500W
2Working area3000mm×1500mm
3X、Y axis positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
4X、Y axis repositioning accuracy±0.03mm
5Max running speed120m/min
6Max acceleration1.2G
7Workbench maximum load weight800kg
8Station weight6.5T
9Station size(length*width*height)6m×2.92m×2.0mm
De-coiling station
10De-coiling width/capacity300-1250mm/10T
11Decoil landing capacity10T
Levelling station
14Levelling rollersUp 5/down 4
15Output speed16m/min

Advantages of the REMCOR Coil Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal

Remcor coil laser cutting machine breaks the traditional processing, which combines the decoilling, levelling and laser cutting system. The fully automatic system is controlled by the CNC software which realize the four functions of raw material leveling, feeding, cutting, and unloading. Its optical path is not restricted, can realized 24 hours continues automatic production. The sheet metal coil cutting machine saves the cost on labors and materials waist and can realize the timely processing of various graphics and characters. The production can be more flexible and adjust with the change of the market. And the sheet coil cutting machine is simple and convenient to use, which can benefit beginners to operate. 


① Low equipment investment: Compared with existing large-scale blanking production equipment, the laser cutting production coil fed laser line has small equipment base, low energy consumption, and does not require complex equipment foundation, which greatly reduces the initial investment and later maintenance and use costs.

② High flexibility: No need to make molds and no need tools changing. The sheet metal coil line machine operation uses advanced layout software and control system, which can quickly convert product specifications and shapes, and is suitable for various batch products.

③ Low maintenance cost: Using coil laser cutting machine, the performance is reliable; at the same time, the laser cutting speed is fast, the stainless steel cutting speed can reach 40m/min (when the thickness is 1mm), and the cutting and blanking can be completed quickly.

④High product quality: using high-precision straightening coil fed laser cutting, high-precision feeding and cutting system, advanced automatic palletizing system, etc. , can adapt to the production of parts and blanks of various metal materials.

⑤ Low cost of use: Since stamping does not require molds, the manufacturing and maintenance costs of the molds are reduced; at the same time, the coil fed laser cutting machine does not use large presses, which greatly reduces production energy consumption and reduces environmental noise.

⑥High material utilization rate: Due to the continuous production of coiled materials, there will be no loss of the material head or tail of a single piece; at the same time, the sheet metal coil cutting machine adopts an optimized layout to cut parts of various shapes without overlapping edges, reducing material loss and improving material utilization.

REMCOR Coil Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine with Decoiling and Levelling system which integrates the laser cutting system, coil levelling system. Which can realize the auto processing from the decoiling, levelling, auto feeding, laser cutting ,and auto blanking.The sheet metal coil cutting machine has been widely applied in many industries. It's outstanding especially for the thin metallic processing area. Coil fed laser cutting machines are widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, manufacturing and other fields. 


In the automotive industry, laser coil-opening and automatic blanking coil fed laser production lines can be used to manufacture body parts, engines, chassis and other parts. In the aerospace field, the sheet coil cutting machine can be used to manufacture aircraft structural parts, engine components, etc. In the electronics industry, laser coiling and automatic blanking production lines can be used to manufacture metal casings for mobile phones, computers, TVs and other products. In the construction field, the coil laser cutting machine can be used to manufacture metal components such as stairs, handrails, doors and windows.

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