Remcor, a trustworthy laser cutter company in China, had offered tailored solutions since 18 years ago, and we have helped our customers with their needs in the manufacturing industry. No matter how large, grand, complex or small the equipment is, Remcor laser cutter engineers can always create a machine or Automated line that exactly meets the needs of your manufacturing process.

REMCOR Laser Cutter Types

Coil Sheet Production System

Remcor, a professional laser cutter company in China, procides coil sheet processing system that combines the CNC standard punching, cutting, and bending in a most creative way.
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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Remcor, one of the leading laser cutter manufacturers in China, provides a professional customized laser cutter that is suitable for all kinds of metalworking. The working area of the fiber laser cutter is from 1.5m to 2.5m in width, with lengths from 3 meters to 8 meters for choice.
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Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Remcor, a famous laser cutter China brand, offers laser welding machine providing High-Speed, High-Quality welding performance. It is compact and dual-use, Easy to Learn. Up to 3-5 times faster than TIG/MIG.
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Laser Cleaning Machine

Remcor Technology, an outstanding laser cutter supplier, provides Portable laser cleaner. Professional industrial rust, coat layer, print layer, oil and other layer removals. It's not harmful to the base material.
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Vacuum Sheet Lifter

Remcor tailored the loading and unloading tools for your laser cutter. As a professional laser cutter exporter, we will provide whole solutions for your feeding and blanking requirements.
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REMCOR Laser Cutter Function in Manufacturing

Intelligent  All of our tailored solutions will be equipped with the latest intelligent laser cutter technology, which makes the metal working process more precise and high efficiency.

All-round service and field support   We, as a professional laser cutter exporter in this industry for 18 years,are generous to share our technical support. Traning/trouble shouting etc, all will be handled by our skilled enginneers through website or on site support.

Dependable quality eases your mind  We insist on manufacturing laser cutters including laser cleaning metal machinecutting sheet machine and laser metal pipe cutter in our own laser cutter factory and we have a full quality assurance system. Quality is our lifetime, we adhere it and we are certificated with CE/FDA/ISO 9000/9001 etc.

What are Remcor Laser Cutter Uses in Different Industries?

Automotive: Laser cutters are extensively used in the automotive industry for cutting and shaping metal parts including chassis components, body panels, brackets, and exhaust systems. REMCOR, a leading laser cutter company in China, provides laser cutters enable precise and efficient manufacturing of automotive components, contributing to vehicle performance and safety.

Agriculture: REMCOR laser cutters find application in agriculture for fabricating precision parts for farm equipment such as harvesters, tillers, and irrigation systems. They can cut metal components used in agricultural machinery, ensuring durability and efficiency on the field.

Construction: In construction, laser cutters are utilized for fabricating structural steel components, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) ductwork, and architectural metalwork. Laser-cut steel beams and plates ensure accurate assembly and structural integrity in building construction.

Electrical Appliances: REMCOR work as one of the leading laser cutter suppliers in China and offers laser cutters playing a role in manufacturing electrical enclosures, panels, and components used in electrical appliances. They provide precise cutting of sheet metal for forming appliance casings and parts, meeting industry standards for safety and functionality.

Equipment Manufacturing: Laser cutters are essential in equipment manufacturing industries for producing parts used in various machinery and tools. From gears and shafts to frames and housings, REMCOR laser cutters offer versatility and accuracy in manufacturing equipment components.

Sports & Fitness: In the sports and fitness industry, laser cutters are employed for fabricating gym equipment, sports gear components, and specialized fitness accessories. Laser cutting allows for intricate designs and customizations, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of sports products.

Why Choose REMCOR Laser Cutter

Why Choose REMCOR Laser Cutter

  • Before-sales service, as a leading laser cutter supplier, we offer technical consultations, sample cutting, and equipment designing and selections.

  • Whole process quality inspection system, imported the plasma and CNC milling center, from the bed-making to the installation, every step was handled by our own engineering team.

  • Installation and debugging, every laser cutter including sheet coil cutting machine, copper laser cutting machine, mild steel laser cutter and CNC panel bender, will be fully tested and debugged before getting shipped, which can make sure you will be able to handle the laser cutter when you get it.

  • Technical training, as one of the leading laser cutter manufacturers in China, we will offer online training and also on-site training support to make sure you can handle coil fed punching machines.

  • Equipment maintenance and every trouble shouting will be responded to by our skilled engineer within 2 hours, as an experienced laser cutter exporter in China, we offer 7* 24 hours online service

  • Warranty, REMCOR, a professional laser welding machine company, offers 24 months warranty, and after the warranty, we offer a lifetime service at a free charge.

Remcor Laser Cutter Working Principle

Remcor Laser Cutter Working Principle

REMCOR laser cutters, designed by a leading laser cutter company, operate on a precise and efficient working principle. A high-powered laser beam, emitted from a laser source, is focused through precision optics onto the material surface. This focused energy rapidly heats and vaporizes or melts the material, allowing for precise cutting or engraving according to programmed designs.

The entire process is controlled by advanced computer software that manages laser parameters such as power intensity, beam diameter, and movement speed. This computerized control ensures accurate and repeatable cutting results.

REMCOR's laser cutters are engineered to deliver exceptional quality and performance, meeting the demands of various industries including metal fabrication, signage production, and more. With a focus on innovation and reliability, REMCOR laser cutters are at the forefront of laser technology, offering unmatched precision and efficiency for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Trust laser cutter supplier REMCOR for cutting-edge laser solutions that elevate productivity and quality in your operations.