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REMCOR sheet metal coil line of punching or shearing is a fully automated punching solution for metallic coils. Which can realize the 24 hours unmanned production. It is capable of handling coils of 300 – 1500 mm in width, up to 9 ton in weight.

Coil Feed Punching System Feature

  • Up to 30 ton punching capacity

  • Up to 500 punching strokes per min (non stop operation)

  • 300 mm (11.81 in.) to 1500 mm (59.05 in.) width capacity

  • 0.3-1.5mm thickness cold roll

  • Up to 40 tools available by using multi-tools cartridge

  • 4 x tool holders for easy tool change

  • Customized tool holders for necessary

  • Extra customized punching station for multi holes


Coil Feed Punching Line Parameter Details

Feeding systemPrecision Ball Screw
Die base2 sets of standard thick turret plug-in box molds 4 sets of Remcor standard mold bases
Punch frequencyUp to 400cp/min
Material width300-1500mm
Feeding speed20m/min
Coil weightUp to 30T
Coil inner holeφ508mm
Coil outer holeφ1300mm
Max thickness1.5mm
Maximum punching90*180mm
Number of modulesMax support 40 sets dies
Punching accuracy±0.1mm
Diagonal accuracy±0.5mm

Flexible Coil Feed Punching and Shearing Line Video

The introduction of Remcor coil fed punching machine

How to realize the auto punch for Coil sheet feed punching & shearing line from Remcor Technology


Coil loading - Trolley - Decoiler

steel sheet slitting machine

The coil fed punching system starts with loading. The process can automatically change from one material to another in under 2 minutes. The hydraulic expansion is applied in decoiling station. After the decoiling station, the strip is straightened and the coiling tensions are removed. 

Levelling station

sheet slitting line

The levelling station principle is using upper and down rolls to staigthen the strip. After this station the tensions for the strip are removed. The rolls and drive motors will be choosen according to the material thickness. The straightener settings can be imported from the controller system, we also add the manual wheel for the special condition 

Punching unit

steel coil slitting machine price

The punching station max support 40 sets of dies. Auto-choosing dies and punching according to the drawings, Which is better than the turret punching ( only 36 maximum dies). 

The same working principle as PIVATIC

Coil Fed Punching Machines vs Sheet Punching Machines

Coil fed punching machines and sheet punching machines serve distinct purposes in metal fabrication, each offering unique advantages. 

Coil fed punching machines are designed to process metal coils continuously, feeding material directly from the coil into the punching mechanism. This results in reduced material handling and setup times, making them ideal for high-volume production of standardized parts. By eliminating the need to precut sheets, coil fed punching machines maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Sheet punching machines are versatile tools capable of processing individual sheets of varying sizes and thicknesses. While they may require more setup time compared to coil fed machines, sheet punching machines offer greater flexibility for handling diverse materials and part geometries. They are well-suited for smaller production runs or applications where customization is required.

Ultimately, the choice between coil fed and sheet punching machines depends on factors such as production volume, material requirements, and desired levels of efficiency and flexibility. Understanding the specific needs of your operation is crucial in determining which type of punching machine will best suit your metal fabrication needs.

Applications of Coil Fed Punching Machines

Coil fed punching machines find applications across various industries where efficient and high-volume punching of slitting sheet metal components is required. Some common applications include:

Automotive Industry: Coil fed punching machines are used to manufacture automotive components such as brackets, brackets, reinforcements, and structural parts with high precision and efficiency. They contribute to the production of chassis components, interior parts, and body panels.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): In HVAC manufacturing, sheet metal slitting machines are utilized to produce ductwork components, flanges, brackets, and other sheet metal parts required for air handling units, ventilation systems, and heating units.

Electrical Enclosures and Cabinets: These sheet coil slitting machines are employed to fabricate electrical enclosures, cabinets, control panels, and junction boxes used in various electrical applications, ensuring accurate hole patterns and consistent quality across production batches.

Appliances: Coil fed punching machines play a vital role in the appliance industry, facilitating the production of components for refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and other household appliances. They are used to create precise openings, mounting holes, and other features in sheet metal parts.

Construction and Architectural Fabrication: In construction and architectural industries, steel sheet slitting machines are utilized to manufacture components for building facades, curtain walls, structural framing, and decorative elements. They enable the efficient production of standardized and custom parts with intricate designs.

Furniture Manufacturing: Coil fed punching machines are employed in the fabrication of furniture components such as brackets, frames, supports, and decorative panels. They contribute to the efficient production of furniture pieces with precise hole patterns and uniform dimensions.

Lighting Fixtures: In lighting fixture manufacturing, sheet metal slitting machines are used to create perforations, mounting holes, and decorative patterns in sheet metal parts used for lampshades, light fittings, and fixtures.

General Sheet Metal Fabrication: Coil fed punching machines are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of general sheet metal fabrication applications, including signage, enclosures, shelving, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery components.

Sheet Metal Slitting Machine FAQ

1. How can I know if your system workable for my factory

Our metallic coil-sheet feed punching and sheet slitting line is widely applied in steel furniture industry, the electric cabinets. the elevator shells, the kitchen and bathroom facilities, etc. Pls kindly share with your profile drawings and material type, width, thickness, weight. We will offer you suitable proposals about coil fed punching machines.

2. Can I come to your factory to check the real working process?

Yes and before travelling, pls also kindly share with us your profiles drawings, material type and thickness and weight. We welcome the global business partners to visit us.

3. What's your system punching process, and are they same as turret punching?

Our steel sheet slitting machine system Punching is done by tools set in two traversing tool cassettes, with the punching stroke done by a single ram plate. The dies quantity for our punching unit is at least 6 stations more than turret punching. And our sheet coil slitting machine system support the customerized square dies. The slitting sheet metal system starts with the raw coil material, which is different as turret which need to be cut-to-length square sheets that have been processed. The completly efficiency for our system is much higher than turret punch.

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