Remcor Panel Benders: Redefining Sheet Metal Processing for Modern Industries

Jun 19 , 2024

Panel bender is the usefull machine tool in metal deformation. it is possible to quickly complete a complex part that requires a very precise radius formation, hems or curves in a process without tools changing. Which usually has to be manually or automatically adjusted to the length of the longer side to bend.

Types of Panel Benders

From the feeding mechanicals, it has the suction cap type ,and Compression arm two types.

From the machine processing size, it can be customerized with width of 1000mm,1500mm,1800mm,2000mm,2500mm etc. From the tools changing technology,There is fully automatic tools change CNC panel bender for sale with the short name of ATC panel bender or not ATC panel bender. 

How Does a Remcor Panel Bender Work?

It's consists of three parts ,the first part is about how to realize the auto feeding? and the second part is about how to realize the auto bending.Then comes to the final part. How to coordinate these two parts and realize the fully automatic bending. This sheet metal coil line machine is the infinitely variable CNC-controlled X-Y-Z movement of the bending beams. This remarkable capability empowers the program to precisely dictate the desired bending radius.The X Y movement is driven with several groups of servo motors and can be controlled in the program accurately. 

Features of Remcor Panel Bending Machines

We are family business with more than 15 years of experience in sheet metal processing and machine manufacturing for global customers. As a professional laser machine supplier, we develop, build and install fully automated production lines for punching, bending and  laser cutting or welding, including coil fed punching machines. We provide this for our customers all over the world and help us won a high reputation in this industry.

Applications of Remcor CNC Panel Bender

The Remcor CNC Panel Bender is one of the highly adaptable laser cutter types used across various industries due to its precision, efficiency, and versatility. Below are specific applications in agriculture, automotive, and construction, along with a general overview of its use in other industries:


Equipment Panels

Tractor Panels: Manufacturing body panels and protective covers for tractors.

Combine Harvesters: Forming panels and components for harvesters.

Machinery Housings

Casing for Agricultural Machinery: Creating housings for various agricultural machines, ensuring durability and precision.

Protective Covers: Producing protective covers and enclosures for sensitive machinery parts.

Structural Components

Support Structures: Fabricating support structures and brackets for agricultural equipment.

Frame Components: Creating frames for machinery and storage systems.


Body Panels

Car Panels: Manufacturing exterior panels such as doors, hoods, and fenders with high precision.

Truck Components: Forming panels and parts for trucks and heavy vehicles.

Chassis and Structural Parts

Brackets and Supports: Producing structural brackets and supports for various automotive applications.

Crash Components: Creating components designed to absorb impact in collisions.

Exhaust and Engine Systems

Exhaust Parts: Bending components for exhaust systems, including heat shields and pipes.

Engine Covers: Manufacturing protective covers and housings for engine compartments.


Facade Panels

Building Exteriors: Producing facade panels and cladding for modern architectural designs.

Decorative Elements: Forming decorative metal elements for building exteriors and interiors.

Structural Elements

Support Beams and Columns: Fabricating structural beams, columns, and other support elements.

Framework Components: Creating components for structural frameworks in buildings and other constructions.

HVAC and Ductwork

Duct Components: Manufacturing precise ductwork for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Unit Casings: Forming casings and protective panels for HVAC units.

Electronics and Enclosures

Device Housings: Creating housings and enclosures for electronic devices.

Electrical Cabinets: Producing metal cabinets and boxes for electrical systems.

Furniture Industry

Office Furniture: Creating metal components for office furniture, such as desks, cabinets, and shelving units.

Commercial Fixtures: Producing fixtures and fittings for commercial and retail interiors.

Renewable Energy

Solar Panel Frames: Producing frames and supports for solar panels.

Wind Turbine Parts: Creating metal components for wind turbines and other renewable energy systems.

The Remcor CNC Panel Bender's automation and precision make it an essential tool for manufacturing complex and high-quality metal parts across these diverse applications, enhancing productivity and ensuring consistent product quality.