The Mechanism Of Laser Cutting Machine

Mar 10 , 2023

The two most important mechanisms of the laser cutting machine are the laser generator and the laser cutting head, which are briefly introduced.

1. Laser generator of laser cutting machine

A device that produces a laser light source. For the purpose of laser cutting, except for a few occasions where YAG solid state lasers are used, most of them use CO2 gas lasers with high electric-optical conversion efficiency and high power output. Because laser cutting requires high beam quality, not all lasers can be used for cutting.

2. Laser cutting head of laser cutting machine

It mainly includes nozzle, focusing lens, focusing and tracking system and other parts.

The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head to move along the Z-axis direction according to the program, and is composed of servo motor, screw rod or gear and other transmission parts.

(1) Nozzle

There are three main types of nozzles: parallel, convergent and conical.

(2) Focusing lens

To use the energy of the laser beam to cut, the original beam emitted by the laser must be focused through the lens to form a high energy density spot.

The medium and long focus lens is suitable for thick plate cutting, and has low requirements for the stability of the tracking system. Short-focus lens is only suitable for cutting thin plates below D3. Short-focus has strict requirements on the stability of the tracking system of the laser cutting sheet machine, but its requirements on the output power of laser can be greatly reduced.

(3) Tracking system

The focusing and tracking system of a laser stainless steel cutter is generally composed of focusing cutting head and tracking sensor system. The cutting head consists of light guide focusing, water cooling, air blowing and mechanical adjustment parts.

The sensor is composed of sensing element and amplification control part. The tracking system is completely different according to different sensor elements. Here, there are mainly two forms of tracking system. One is the capacitive sensor tracking system, also known as non-contact tracking system. The other is inductive sensor tracking system, also known as contact tracking system