Application Of Laser Cutting Machine

Mar 08 , 2023

1. Application of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry

Laser cutting is a major change in sheet metal processing. Because of its high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency and short product working cycle, laser cutting has immediately become the darling of the sheet metal processing industry. Laser cutting has no cutting force and no deformation in processing; No tool wear, no matter what kind of parts, it can be cut by laser in one fine rapid prototyping. In addition, laser cutting is often narrow, with good cutting quality, high automation level, low labour intensity and no pollution. However, when processing accessory cabinets and file cabinets, it is often the standardized production of thin plates. Using a sheet metal cutting machine to cut and process is more efficient and faster to complete the cutting and processing requirements.

2. Application of laser cutting machines in agricultural machinery industry

The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology in the laser cutting machine have been widely used in the processing and manufacturing of agricultural machinery products, speeding up the manufacturing development of agricultural machinery products and improving economic benefits. The stainless steel laser cutter reduces the production cost of agricultural machinery products.

3. Application of laser cutting machines in advertising industry

The laser cutting machine application in the advertising production industry is that more metal materials are usually used, while the traditional advertising material processing equipment is not ideal in the processing accuracy and cutting surface when processing advertising fonts and other materials, resulting in an alarming probability of rework, which not only wastes a lot of costs, but also significantly reduces the work efficiency.

If laser cutting machine equipment is used to process advertising materials, it can not only effectively solve the above series of problems, perfectly present the effect of advertising materials, but also greatly improve the production and processing efficiency, and achieve real low investment and high return. In addition, laser cutting machine equipment can also process some complex graphics, which expands the product business scope of advertising companies, and significantly increases the additional profits of small enterprises.