How To Choose Vacuum Lifter

Jan 29 , 2023

Vacuum Lifter is a very useful tool for loading the sheet, which is to improve the efficiency for the loading for the sheet, especially for the thin material

If without the vacuum lifter crane, normally it is not easy to load the sheet if takes a 0.5mm thickness stainless steel sheet, so here Vacuum lifter is very necessary

But how to choose the suitable sheet vacuum lifter, and what factors we need to consider

The points we need to consider

  • What is the size of the sheet? Take example, the most often size we use is 3000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm

  • What is the weight of the sheet? Normally we take the calculation like this

Weight:7.85*W*L*T,  W: Width, L: Length, T: Thickness

So take 6mm Carbon Steel 3015 for example

The weight is 7.85*3*1.5*6=212kgs

  • Then we need to your factory has the crane or not.

  • If not have the crane, we can also offer the cantilever crane(JIB CRANE)

  • If the customer has the crane, then we need to choose the vacuum suction pads

Currently, we have two types, One is Electric Type, one is Battery type

If the Electric type, we need to know the local industrial voltage and frequency, then we can choose the pump motor accordingly

For the pump, what we choose is from Beker or Thomas, which is of good quality and can be used for a long time

And for the battery type, we choose Panasonic, one pcs can use 1-2 days, and the other one can charge which this one use

  • Also, many customers would like to ask us, how many vacuum pads you will use and it is enough to suck the material and it is equal to load the sheet?

    Yes, it is a really good question, we use pads 2 sizes, one Diameters 300mm, one diameter 230mm, diameter of 300mm can load 200/pcs, and one Diameter 230mm can load 100 if the weight is 1000kgs, so we need at least 5 pcs of the Diameters of 300mm, normally will use 6pcs, which is easily to distribute and load the sheet equally

  • Is it safe once the power is off if we use the electric type?

Safety is the most important issue we need to consider, especially in some developed countries, the cost for the vacuum lifter is not high, but the operator is hurt, it is a lot of cost. So if this kind of problem can not be sure, it is also very difficult to be so popular in the market.

So we have a pressure-keeping device, once the electricity is off, the vacuum lifter at least 15 minutes, it is enough time for the operator to release the sheet and wait for the electricity.


vacuum lifter ac type


vacuum lifter dc type

For the weight, currently we have 2 types, one is pneumatic type, one is electric type, normally if less than 500kg, we can use the pneumatic type to save the cost, if more than 500kgs, we can use our Electric type

Cantilever Crane (JIB CRANE)

vacuum lifter cantilever crane

Electric Hoist

vacuum lifter electric hoist

Finally, let us to have a look at the vacuum lifter running

This is all the steps to choose Remcor Technology Vacuum Lifter, more details, please message us +86 15623778177, thanks